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Through the art of storytelling to experiential media, we redefine the boundaries of brand communication. With a legacy dating back to 1976, Filmmaster has been at the forefront of creating extraordinary brand experiences that linger in the hearts of audiences.

At Filmmaster, we specialize in experiential media that transcends traditional events or advertising. Our innovative approach to live and media communication ensures that every project is not just an event—it’s a captivating experience. A world where creativity meets strategy, and where immersive experiences and advertising become an art form.

Experiential Media Mastery: explore the power of experiential media as we seamlessly blend art, culture, and innovation to elevate your brand’s narrative.

Timeless Experiences: our rich heritage serves as a testament to our commitment to crafting timeless experiences. Join us on a journey that combines tradition with innovation.

Global Impact: with a local touch, we’ve expanded our presence globally, making waves in the Middle East since 2007. Our events transcend borders, resonating with diverse audiences worldwide.

Experiential media like never before. Filmmaster transforms businesses into experience brands, creating emotional connections to go beyond the ordinary.


Filmmaster opens in Rome and shortly after in Milan, introducing the term "executive producer" in Italy.


Filmmaster enters the world of events with Linkage, producing the first live shows in Italy with projections and mapping.


Filmmaster opens in London and secures exclusive deals with major English directors, becoming the number one production company in Italy.


Officine Filmmaster is established, launching a generation of Italian directors.


The first 120-second Barilla commercial is produced, marking the beginning of the “Mulino Bianco" series and the creation of a new language.


"Ciribiribi Kodak" becomes the catchphrase of the year, along with the "Barilla" commercial featuring a kitten.


The first Atai Paraflu commercial appears on screens, shot amidst the snows of Greenland.


Launch event for the 1990 World Cup "Italia 90".
Filmmaster produces the hit “Do-it-yourself holidays? no Alpitur? Ahi! Ahi! Ahi!


Federico Fellini shot the TV commercial "Banca di Roma", one of his last works on set.


The renowned SIP campaign, "A phone call extends your life," becomes the first Italian advertising series format: 18 episodes.


Lavazza Paradise was born, a communication format that Filmmaster has been producing for 22 years. Paradise becomes 3D in 2016.


The Maxibon commercial “Du gust is megli che uan” is aired, launching the career of the Italian actor Stefano Accorsi.


Filmmaster becomes the first external production company for Mediaset with new television programmes.


Linkage becomes K-events and curates the Flag-Handover at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.


Foundation of Kappademia, the first creative academy in the events industry. Launch of "NOT" (News On Trends), the first digital magazine on new media and marketing.


First company to produce major events and commercials in the United Arab Emirates.


Filmmaster Events wins 2 Emmy Awards for Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies of Turin 2006. The Aqualtis commercial "mondo sommerso", produced by Filmmaster Productions, becomes one of the most awarded Italian commercial.


Filmmaster Productions ranks third globally for awards won.
Filmmaster expands to the Middle East & Africa, Filmmaster Mea is born.
Filmmaster Events signs a groundbreaking milestone event for the launch of Fiat 500.


The film Flora by Gucci, produced by Filmmaster Productions, wins Gold Cannes Lions. Filmmaster Events produces Pescara Mediterranean Games ceremonies and debuts in the Middle East with its first event at KAUST.


IEG – Italian Entertainment Group forms a strategic alliance with Filmmaster.


Filmmaster opens in Spain. The Madrid office soon becomes a significant production hub, attracting major international productions.


Filmmaster Productions and Filmmaster Events become part of Filmmaster Group. Filmmaster Events manages the UEFA Euro 2012 and 2016 ceremonies, as well as the handover of the flag for the London Olympics. Filmmini, a new agile unit, is born.


Filmmaster Events opens an office in London and becomes the world's most awarded event agency.
Filmmaster Productions partners with the London-based artist collective Pocko.


Filmmaster Group joins IEN. Filmmaster Productions goes to Los Angeles and stages Julia Roberts in Calzedonia commercial.


Filmmaster Events manages all ExpoMilano 2015 events, including the opening ceremony, and its first UEFA Champions League ceremony in Berlin. Filmmaster Productions participates in the Superbowl half-time with Fiat 500X commercial.


Filmmaster Events breaks records with 9 ceremonies: UEFA UCL, Euro 2016, Rio 2016 Olympics. Filmmaster Productions buys Userfarm, with 120,000 global filmmakers network.


Filmmaster Productions partners with Paolo Sorrentino for Campari calendar. Filmmaster Events acquires a majority stake in CC International, maintaining involvement in sports events. Filmmini and Filmmaster prioritize VR with David Karlak.


Filmmaster Events staged the premiere of Campari Red Diaries 2018 for the second year in a row, with a two-day event to discover Milan’s “red side”.


Filmmaster events wins Best Digital Transformation category with "2021 Turkish Airlines Euroleague final four".


Filmmaster Mea organizes and manages all the operations of the Noor Riyadh festival, the world's largest and most significant light art festival.


Filmmaster organizes a drone show in Rome, for the first time ever for the “Expo2030 Roma" event, also winning the best iconic award at the BEA world.

We turn ideas into experiences and stories to tell. Filmmaster: where action speaks louder than words. Creativity knows no boundaries
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