Una telefonata allunga la vita


Armando Testa


Sip (Italian Company for Telephone Operations)


Gold Cannes Lions
Agorà d'Oro
Grand Prix Italian Advertising
Silver Communication Award - Mario Bellavista Prize

Filmmaster wins the Cannes Gold Lions
The first format of Italian advertising

In 1994 the commercial "Una telefonata allunga la vita" (A telephone call extends your life) created by Armando Testa, produced by Filmmaster and featuring the Italian actor Massimo Lopez, represents a leap forward in advertising. The campaign marks a significant moment in the evolution of advertising, being the first of its kind in Italy and a milestone in the history of advertising communication in the country. Eighteen episodes were produced, all equally unforgettable, accompanying the transformation of Sip into Telecom. Set in a pit during an execution, the protagonist's last wish for a phone call transforms the dramatic situation into a light-hearted and amusing scene. Created for Sip, it stands out for its paradoxical and almost mocking aspect: it does not aim to advertise a specific product but rather promotes the general social use of the telephone, yet it remains firmly embedded in collective memory.

Behind the Scenes
Curiosity from the set

Contrary to the common practice of filming in a studio, the production team opted for a natural and evocative setting: the Cave della Magliana in Rome. These caves proved to be the perfect backdrop, creating the atmosphere of a dry and hot desert and adding an authentic and suggestive touch to the campaign.

Best Wishes from Armando Testa

In honor of the 30th anniversary of this iconic commercial, the renowned Armando Testa agency decided to pay tribute by crafting a refreshed edition in 2023.
The decision to revisit and reimagine the advertisement underscores the agency's recognition of the spot's significant impact on the landscape of Italian advertising and its continued resonance with audiences over the years.

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