Blue Pill


TV Commercial for Fiat 500


The video's success was bolstered by its setting in the Tuscan village of Pitigliano, which effectively conveyed the essence of Italian tradition and greatly appealed to the audience.


TRG - The Richards Group from Dallas

In Brief
The project

Presented in preview at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, the video set records for views on the web and aired on TV in Italy to mark the commercial launch of the 500X.
Produced by the American agency TRG - The Richards Group from Dallas and shot in the Tuscan village of Pitigliano, it immediately conveys the idea of Italian tradition. This played a significant role in the success of the video, as Blue Pill is intended to captivate the American audience by projecting them into a typically Italian atmosphere, rich in history and tradition.

The Story
Bigger, more powerful, and ready for action!

The Fiat 500X is showcased in its irreverent commercial, where an older couple is about to have some fun. The male protagonist of the commercial decides to take a "little helper" and, after going to the bathroom and opening the medicine cabinet, discovers that there is only one blue pill left in the box. Delighted, the man decides to take it, but when he tosses it into his mouth, he misses, and the small pill flies out the window. The pill escapes, bouncing through the most unlikely places, rolling through a gutter, and ending up on the bell tower of a church, racing at high speed through walls, fountains, glasses of Prosecco, and flowers. The path of the blue pill leads to a gas station, where it falls into the fuel tank of a Fiat 500 that was being refueled, transforming it. The bewildered owner, upon turning around, finds himself face to face with the Fiat 500X, a truly "pumped-up" variant of the Turin compact car. The video concludes with an off-screen voice describing the Fiat 500X as "bigger, more powerful, and ready for action," with the last double entendre.

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