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"The Train" won the Gold Cannes Lions 1993

The concept

In the '90s, the renowned Italian director Federico Fellini was commissioned to create a series of advertising spots for Banca di Roma. Before commencing production, Fellini crafted a "Letter to the Client," outlining his creative vision. In the letter, he emphasized that the banking institution instilled more fear than respect, creating an atmosphere of alienation. Consequently, he proposed a friendly message suggesting the support and assistance offered by the bank.
The main concept that emerged was the transformation of the negative perception of the bank into a friendly and approachable entity. The three produced spots followed a similar narrative structure: an initial tense situation, an abrupt awakening from a dream, and an explanation of the meaning by a therapist in a studio.

Filmmaster wins Cannes Golden Lions
with "The Train" Commercial

In 1993, Filmaster won Cannes Golden Lion for crafting a memorable and impactful commercial, "The Train". The spot opens with Paolo Villaggio, accompanied by a beautiful girl, played by Anna Falchi, enjoying an outdoor meal. The idyllic scene is interrupted when, suddenly, train tracks appear in the place where they were dining. Reality merges with nightmare as the train approaches, and Villaggio finds himself trapped. In an attempt to cry for help, his voice is stifled, symbolizing powerlessness in the face of uncertainty. This nightmare serves as a metaphor for financial and life challenges, with Banca di Roma presented as the refuge that can help overcome such difficulties.

Lion In the Cellar
Adolescent Fears

In the second spot, Fellini delves into Paolo Villaggio's adolescent nightmares. Villaggio dreams of confronting his youth fears: a beautiful but unattainable Dutch neighbor and a crying lion, symbolizing that, despite adulthood, the protagonist still feels like a child, with his lion "locked in the cellar." The spot suggests that Banca di Roma can address these fears, offering guarantees and trust for financial security in the future.

The Gallery
Overcoming Obstacles

Paolo Villaggio finds himself behind the wheel of a car inside a crumbling gallery. The structure starts to collapse, blocking the exit and symbolizing life's insecurities and obstacles. Fernando Rey's presence as a psychologist adds an element of guidance and psychological support. The key message is that Banca di Roma provides a way to overcome these obstacles, ensuring financial security to face future uncertainties. The gallery becomes a powerful visual symbol of challenges that can be overcome with the bank's assistance.

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