Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
Final Four | Ritual of Glory


The pre-game and half-time shows


Uber Arena, Berlin 2024


An exciting dialogue between the audience and the extraordinary cast of dancers, musicians, and acrobats.

Ritual of Glory
Opening Show 2024 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four Berlin

At the 2024 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four Berlin, pre-game shows radically transformed the concept of sports entertainment. Using avant-garde visual language and the latest technologies, these shows were not just a prelude to the semifinals and finals, but full immersive experiences. The stage setup featured "The Hoop", a giant metal ring, descending vertically from above the Media Cube to nearly touch the floor of the court and tilting, allowing its movable light fixtures to project incredible designs. This structure, along with motorized vertical screens, transformed the court into a "Home of Glory", offering fans and players an unprecedented setting.

The Art of Entertainment
Exploring the Dynamic Fusion of Sport and Art

The theme of 2024 was "Ritual of Glory," an exciting dialogue between the audience and the artists. Led by the charismatic "Master of Ceremonies", dancers, musicians, and acrobats brought to life a celebration that placed live experience at the forefront. This new ritual galvanized fan enthusiasm, turning each pre-game into a moment of intense emotions that heightened fan engagement. The created engagement reached unprecedented levels, making the EuroLeague an example of how sport can merge with art to create an unforgettable event.

Extraordinary Show
Talent on the Court and Stage

The matches were enriched by the presence of some of Europe's top live artists. Groups like DaMove and Berlin's Lunatix dance company brought a variety of talents to the court, from hip-hop dancers to acrobats, creating a perfect prelude to the games that followed. The Championship Pre-Game Show then saw the fusion of all these disciplines in a climax of performances that culminated with the trophy reveal, sealing the event with a finale as anticipated as it was spectacular.

Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
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