Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
Final Four


High-quality live shows of the basketball Championship Game that thrill millions of fans.


Žalgirio Arena, Lithuania, 2023
Štark Arena, Belgrade, Serbia, 2022
Lanxess Arena, Germany, 2020
Fernando Buesa Arena, Spain, 2019


The events in different years have won numerous awards in various categories at the BEA World.

The Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four
Between the Adrenaline of Sports and the Emotion of Entertainment

The Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four represents the pinnacle of excitement in European basketball. Born in 1958 as the European Champions Cup, the EuroTurkish Airlines EuroLeague has become the stage where teams compete for the continental title, with the Final Four being the climax of this competition, featuring teams facing off in thrilling knockout matches.
The atmosphere of the Final Four is a unique experience, an irresistible blend of sport and entertainment. In addition to the tension-filled games, spectators are entertained with pre-game shows organized since 2019 by Filmmaster, which enhance the excitement. Since 2023, to make the Final Four experience even more engaging, the first halftime show in the tournament's history has been introduced, providing spectators with a moment of entertainment and fun between game times.

Ritual of Glory
Exploring the Dynamic Fusion of Sport and Art

At the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four 2024 in Berlin, pre-game shows radically transformed the concept of sports entertainment. Using avant-garde visual language and the latest technologies, these shows were not just a prelude to the semifinals and finals, but full immersive experiences. The stage setup featured "The Hoop", a giant metal ring, descending vertically from above the Media Cube to nearly touch the floor of the court and tilting, allowing its movable light fixtures to project incredible designs. This structure, along with motorized vertical screens, transformed the court into a "House of Glory", offering fans and players an unprecedented setting.

Echos Of Glory
Immersed in the Show in Kaunas

In 2023, at the Žalgirio Arena in Kaunas, Lithuania, shows were held during the Final Four, with the theme of Echos Of Glory. An immersive experience that combined music, augmented reality, and dynamic kinetic scenic elements, transmitting a wave of energy from the court to the audience. Presented during the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four Championship, the show aimed to take sports entertainment to the next level, choosing to involve internationally renowned Lithuanian artists like DJ Dynoro and the V-Team dancers, paying tribute to the host city.
The creative theme of the show, "Echoes of Glory," conveys the idea of an energy wave generated by the DJ's console spreading through the court and resonating in the stands, spreading the vibration even among fans watching from home. The augmented reality show unfolded to the notes of DJ Dynoro playing a mashup including some of his greatest hits, concluding with the trophy reveal.

Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
Štark Arena Shines with Space 4 Glory

At the 2022 Final Four in Belgrade, the pre-game show, curated by Filmmaster, offered fans an exciting experience before the final. With the theme "Space 4 Glory," the Štark Arena was transformed into a contemporary urban dance hall. During the 4-minute show, two motorized platforms with DJ tables descended from the ceiling and rose above the court.
DJs interacted with a dance crew, performing parkour-style acrobatics, while video content on over 30 million pixels surrounding the court created an extraordinary visual impact. Laser effects, lights, and flame effects further enhanced the music and dance experience.

Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
Home of Glory
Germany Hosts the Final Four at Lanxess Arena

In 2021, at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany, innovative pre-game shows were held during the Final Four. Four pre-game shows engaged fans through a combination of augmented reality content and three-dimensional graphics, coupled with the live presence of a DJ and hip-hop dancers.
Filmmaster, through the use of real-time AR technology, connected the court with fans watching the games on TV, involving them in the show, creating an engaging and thrilling experience.

Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
The show at the Fernando Buesa Arena thrills the audience

The Final Four of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague 2019 was a historic event in European basketball, featuring high-quality performances and massive fan participation. It took place from May 17th to 19th, 2019 at the Fernando Buesa Arena in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, with over 15,000 spectators, 7 events over two days, and every game sold out.
Filmmaster managed the production of exciting videos dedicated to the fans, the finalist teams, and the competition itself. Innovative technologies were introduced, including a large 850 square meter cylinder at the center of the court, allowing for breathtaking 360-degree performances through the creation of stunning three-dimensional effects that captivated the audience.

Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
Turkish Airlines EuroLeague
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