Shining Light on Art
From Riyadh to Milan, Noor Riyadh's Spectacular Festival and Its Global Impact

Noor Riyadh stands as the world’s largest light art festival, Guinness World Records won in 2022, continuously captivating audiences with its array of exceptional artistic displays. This event was brought to life through the expertise of Filmmaster, transforming the festival into an unparalleled artistic journey for its visitors. Riyadh was reimagined as a canvas of light art, showcasing over 120 artworks across five hubs within the city over 16 days. The festival featured 684 community engagement events—including talks, guided tours, and workshops—supported by 300 guides, ushers, and artwork explainers, culminating in nearly 1000 staff members ranging from seasoned experts to apprentices and volunteers.

Filmmaster’s team curated a world-class visitor experience, engaging over 3 million attendees and setting numerous Guinness World Records in 2023.

The artistic connection between Italy and Saudi Arabia was also highlighted during the 2022 Milan Design Week. Here, ‘Everything’ by Nohlab, initially showcased in Riyadh, captivated audiences at MEET. This 12-minute and 30-second immersive installation delves into the essence of reality, challenging perceptions and inviting new forms of interaction with our surroundings.

The inclusion of Nohlab’s work at Milan Design Week underscores its significance and influence within the international art scene, illustrating the synergy between art and design in crafting memorable experiences.

Milan Design Week remains a pivotal event for art and design lovers, a crucible where pioneering ideas converge and evolve, setting new industry standards.

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