Noor Riyadh
The world’s largest Light Art Festival


The world's largest and most important light art festival, promoted by Riyadh Art and the Royal Commission for Riyadh City.


Organize and manage all the operations of the Noor Riyadh Festival


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Filmmaster Lights Up Riyadh
An Open-air Art Gallery

For two consecutive years, Filmmaster has enabled the transformation the Saudi capital into an extraordinary and spectacular open-air gallery without walls, with numerous artworks by major representatives and promising talents of contemporary art.
Including large-scale installations, projections and awe-inspiring experiences dedicated exclusively to light, which left spectators speechless.

Filmmaster festival luci Noor Riyadh evento
Noor Riyadh Filmmaster evento festival luci 2023
Let's turn Noor Riyadh on!
Same format, different locations

In the last two editions of Noor organized by Filmmaster, the format remained the same but the exhibition locations were changed. In 2002, the Noor Riyadh festival took place throughout the city, involving 40 different locations spread across 5 symbolic neighborhoods.
Also in 2023, numerous extraordinary public spaces throughout the Saudi capital were transformed into magnificent exhibition venues, this time however, concentrated in 5 more centralized hubs, including the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), the JAX district, Wadi Hanifa, Salam Park, and Wadi Namar.

Noor Riyadh filmmaster arabia festival luci
Noor Riyadh Filmmaster evento
Not only the festival
All the Collateral Events

Festival opening and closing events, VIP previews, press conferences and special events.
Behind the scenes the team oversaw all aspects related to the operating management, from the preparation of some of the exhibition locations to coordinating the daily agenda of events, from security to logistics, to community engagement - an integral part of the Festival - with a program of more than 500 events open to the public including talks, workshops, family activities, live music, light and drone-shows.
Also took care of all media planning, the media centre, the Festival website, ticketing and training, this allowed Filmmaster to further consolidate its position as a leading agency in the creation of global events.

Guinnness World Record
2 years 12 awards:


Largest light art festival
Most multirotors/drones performing an aerial dance display
Longest distance covered by a laser light show
Largest laser show (area covered)
Highest mesh screen on a building
Largest mesh screen on a building


Most lights in a light show on a single building
Largest interactive projection-mapped display
Most lights used in a temporary light and sounds show
Largest interactive projection-mapped display
Largest temporary skatepark
Largest drone/multirotor bird swarm

Noor Riyadh Filmmaster evento 2022 festival di luci
Noor Riyadh filmmaster evento opera d'arte
Noor Riyadh filmmaster luci evento arabia
Noor Riyadh
Noor Riyadh
Noor Riyadh
Noor Riyadh
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