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Yamamay and Carpisa


An event for the affiliates of the two brands, journalists, and influencers.


La Canzone del mare, Capri Island 2024

Yamamay and Carpisa
Event in Capri

The unique atmosphere of the location and the enthusiasm of the audience were the beating heart of the joint event by Yamamay and Carpisa. Filmmaster curated the design and coordination of the event, highlighting every detail and transforming the party into a true artistic event. The evening began with guests being welcomed by elegant concierges who embodied the spirit of Capri. A welcome aperitif was held in the pool area, decorated with floral elements, mirrored props, and the Carpisa and Yamamay logos projected onto the water. The setup also featured several photo corners branded by the companies, where attendees had the opportunity to capture the enchanting landscape of Capri and immortalize the moment.

Yamamay <br> Carpisa
Yamamay <br> Carpisa
Evening Performances
Themed Artistic Performances for the Two Brands

The second performance, inspired by the Yamamay brand, transported guests into the iconic atmospheres of the island. Sun loungers, central to the choreography, transformed the pool area into a living stage. A costumed performance that recreated the elegance and glamour of the 1960s, immersing participants in a refined atmosphere. The third performance, dedicated to Carpisa, used suitcases as percussive elements, creating a tribal journey reinterpreted in the splendid setting of Capri. "Tribal Vibe" combined vibrant percussion with the island's aesthetics, offering a unique sensory experience. The evening concluded with "Summer Renaissance," a luminous and musical performance that evoked the legendary nights of the divas, transporting guests into a world of luxury and spectacle.

DJ Set
Special Guests and Fireworks

Special guests of the evening, Clara, Geolier and Peppino di Capri, provided unforgettable moments with their performances. Clara enchanted the audience with her voice, while Geolier closed the night alongside the final fireworks display, synchronized with the last musical piece. The sky was lit up with the brands' dominant colors, green and red, leaving everyone breathless. The evening ended with an explosive DJ set that kept guests dancing until late at night.

Yamamay <br> Carpisa
Yamamay <br> Carpisa
Yamamay <br> Carpisa
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