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Elevating 'Shake Remix'
20+ Influencers Infuse Personal Touch in Campaign"

A crucial aspect of the campaign involves the participation of over 20 influencers, including YouTubers, Instagrammers, and web stars. They took on a pivotal role in the "Shake Remix" campaign by reinterpreting the commercial on their own social channels, each adding their personal touch.

The Cultural Remix

The commercial features a central character with a face divided into three parts, constantly changing its features. The creative approach draws a clear connection to the graphic design of "Shake Remix" within the My Vodafone app, while also incorporating themes of cross-cultural influence, integration, and transformation.This "cultural remix" is echoed musically as well, through a track that narrates the real-life experiences and growth of young individuals, infused with a unique poetic and linguistic style. It's an unconventional effort intentionally tailored to resonate with the language of young people. Notably, Vodafone, for the first time on television, chose an "Instagram format" for the commercial, utilizing a square frame, in order to encourage even more sharing and engagement on social media.

Shake Remix

The Italian-Tunisian artist wrote an original track for Vodafone, which was released as a preview as the soundtrack for the "Shake Remix" campaign targeting the under 30 demographic. The campaign was being aired on the most popular TV channels among young people and on social media platforms. It took the key features of "Shake Remix" – "change," "personalization," and the concept of "zero waste" – and reinterpreted them from a visual and auditory perspective.

Ghali_Vodafone _Filmmaster
Cara Italia
from a TV commercial jingle to the song of the records in 2017!

"Cara Italia" the rapper Ghali's track, born as a jingle for the Vodafone Shake Remix advertisement, has become the song of records, at least on its first day of release, achieving a series of Italian records posted on the artist's Facebook page:4.2M views in 24 hours. 226k 'likes' in 24 hours. 19k comments in 24 hours.

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