Fifty Years of Nutella


Event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nutella.


Alba and Naples


The event exceeded all expectations, reaching an incredible audience with 240,000 attendees and 21 million impressions across the website and social networks.

Fifty Years of Nutella
A Success Story by Filmmaster

Filmmaster Events orchestrated an extraordinary event to celebrate Nutella's fiftieth anniversary, engaging a massive crowd of enthusiasts. With a team of 650 individuals, the agency brought to life an unforgettable weekend, starting on May 17th in Alba, Nutella's hometown, with 40,000 participants, and continuing on May 18th in Naples, where an impressive 200,000 people joined the festivities.

17.000 slices of bread and 460 kg of Nutella

The event in Alba transformed the city's streets into a jubilation of joy, involving 800 commercial establishments and 25.000 people in the square for the grand finale. With street performers, animations, and the delightful combination of bread and Nutella, Nutella's birthday became a unique experience, supported by the Autonomous Association of Alba Bakers. A blend of creativity, music, and cheer definitively marked this memorable day.

Attractions, Fun and Music
120.000 slices of bread and 3 tons of Nutella

The second day in Naples was a celebration of attractions and entertainment for the whole family. The Plebiscito Square saw the creation of numerous themed areas, games, and even an extraordinary swing. With over 120.000 slices of bread and Nutella distributed, the audience enjoyed a unique experience. The grand concert, featuring artists like Mika, added a touch of musical class, broadcasting live on various online platforms and reaching millions of users in a resounding media success.

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