Gala Nights




Gala Nights are some of the most renowned and exclusive events held in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, at Hotel Cala di Volpe. They feature captivating musical and artistic performances, an after-party, and, last but not least, a concert with an international flavor.


Filmmaster has conceived a new concept for Marriott Gala Night, aiming to enrich the evening's format, which originally focused exclusively on showcasing Italian and international music stars, and to transform it into an even more immersive and unforgettable experience.

An Unforgettable Experience

In 2019 and 2023, Filmmaster Events revolutionized the event experience at the Hotel Cala di Volpe with the "Something" format, transforming the evenings into true sensory and immersive journeys. The concept, created for the client Marriott International, redefined luxury and entertainment in Costa Smeralda, making every detail an integral part of an engaging and spectacular narrative. This format masterfully combined high-level artistic performances with breathtaking scenography, creating evenings that remain etched in the memories of the guests.

Gala Nights 2023
Something SpecialĀ 

In 2023, Hotel Cala di Volpe celebrated its 60th anniversary with the "Something Special" event, marking the return of major live events after the pandemic hiatus. This extraordinary celebration offered guests an unprecedented journey, starting with an aperitif at sunset and culminating in a 360-degree show until late at night. The highlight of the evening was the Imagine Dragons concert, which made the entire bay resonate with their music.

Enchanting Performances
and Spectacular After-Party at Cala di Volpe

The 2023 event featured performances by internationally renowned artists such as Oyadi, Miza Mayi, and Jessica Cochis, each contributing to creating a magical and unforgettable atmosphere. The evening concluded with a spectacular after-party, characterized by choreography, live music, and artistic performances. The visual code of the event, inspired by the refraction of diamonds and the shades of the Costa Smeralda waters, transformed the Cala di Volpe garden into an enchanting set, embodying the essence of luxury and glamour that the hotel represents.

Gala Nights 2019
Something Blue

The Gala Nights of 2019, held on July 26 and August 12, were a triumph of creativity and luxury. Over a thousand guests were welcomed into a parallel world, where the color blue dominated every visual aspect of the event, from invitations to dress code, to scenography and the buffet. The "Something Blue" theme transformed Cala di Volpe into a cinematic set inspired by the art deco style of "The Great Gatsby," with a blue carpet created by LED lights and spectacular artistic installations.

An Emotional Journey
Filmmaster's Enchanting Evenings of Music, Art, and Spectacle

During the evenings, Filmmaster orchestrated a continuous flow of emotions, guiding guests through musical and artistic performances. The shows included Kelly Joyce's blues band, piano challenges, aquatic choreography, water and pyrotechnic effects, and light shows that animated the surrounding forest. The entire event concluded with two international DJ sets, leaving an indelible memory of a unique and engaging experience.

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