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A new integrated and multi-subject communication campaign of the Hera Group to consecrate the Group's concrete commitment to guiding the country towards a new era of sustainable well-being


New identifying and innovative language of sustainability

An institutional campaign
"With your choices and our solutions it's incredible what we can do together"

The innovative communication campaign, crafted by the creative community KleinRusso and produced by Filmmaster, reaffirms their partnership with the Hera Group. This campaign represents a turning point in the communication of the Hera Group in a year of particular importance for operators in the energy sector as it marks the end of the protected market. It stands out as a fully integrated campaign, both in the use of the media and in the ability to make commercial communication synergistic with institutional communication.

An innovative language of sustainability

The heart of the campaign is the interconnections between the simple gestures and conscious decisions of citizens and the sustainable solutions that the Hera Group is able to offer its customers.
These connections are able to generate a virtuous circle, radiating well-being to those who engage in them daily. The essence of the campaign is contained in the phrase "The beauty of the ecological transition is living it" which concludes the voice-over narration of the institutional commercial.
Andrea Marini, director of the commercials, embraced the creative idea with a dynamic and modern vision, using cinematographic techniques to join the scenes in an impeccable narrative flow. The campaign's story is further enriched by the choice of the song "Midnight City" by M83 and the accompanying voice-over that enhances the impact of each commercial scene.


Creative Agency: KleinRusso
Chef Creative Officer: Antonio Fatini
Creative Director: Simone Macciocchi Salerni
Strategic Planner: Sandro Volpe
Client Service Director: Manuela Bartelli
Account Director: Elisa Fiorillo
Art Director: Antonio Mautone
Director: Andrea Marini
Photography: Emanuele Zarlenga
Executive Producer: Fabrizio Razza
Producer: Valentina Bellanza

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