Formula E


A challenge within a challenge that, in the months leading up to the Rome event, saw Filmmaster Events, Formula E 2021 and the City of Rome actively discussing with the Italian Technical Scientific Committee at a round table with Regione Lazio to define a specific protocol for the Rome round of the electric car championship.


ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, the first world championship car race for electric single-seaters, returned to Italy on 10 and 11 April for the E-Prix Rome 2021 at EUR, forming the second stage of the Season 7 competition calendar - 2020/2021.


1st Prize Best Sport Event | E-Prix 2019
2nd prize Best Public Event | E-Prix 2018
3rd prize Best Sport Even | E-Prix 2018

An impressive achievement
More than 630 thousand square mt, equal to 105 football pitches

More than 30 thousand of this was for the track alone, the longest of the championship and completely redesigned, winding around the Marconi Obelisk with the Square Colosseum in the background.

Formula E
75 million viewers around the world

More than 2,500 people were coordinated by Filmmaster in the realisation of the two Races in Rome, including global and local teams, suppliers, course/management officials, fire-fighters, doctors and Civil Defence operators, together with another 500 security staff, 170 volunteers per day for each race day and 130 international journalists accredited for each of the two scheduled races. thanks also to the live broadcasts by Sky Sports and Mediaset for Italy.

Formula E
Formula E
E-PRIX 2019
A Spectacle in Rome
Formula E looks to the future

The 2018/2019 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship returned to Rome's EUR district for its second stage, aiming to promote electric mobility with low environmental impact while providing thrilling sporting action. Filmmaster served as the Local Operator for the event for the second consecutive year, overseeing the organization of "the Allianz E" village, dedicated to engaging fans and educating future generations about the future of racing and its values. Enel, the Official Power Partner, and Enel X, the Official Smart Charging Partner, played key roles in enabling this initiative. Formula E witnessed significant technological advancements in the past year, notably in charging technology, allowing electric race cars to complete the entire race on a single charge, eliminating the need for pit stops. This breakthrough was made possible by the latest-generation batteries powered by JuicePump Formula E Edition superchargers. The accessibility of Formula E has broadened, with audiences beyond VIPs, including notable figures like Ewan McGregor and Francesco Totti, experiencing sustainable urban mobility solutions firsthand.

Formula E
Formula E
Opening Ceremony
The Race

Filmmaster coordinated the entire entertainment part linked to the race with the management of the village divided between indoor and outdoor parts, the opening ceremony with the participation of the Frecce Tricolori and the Air Force band, and activities open to the city such as the Cosmo concert, the Paralympic promotion activity, the E-parade.
The race certainly lived up to expectations. At four in the afternoon the 22 racing cars leapt forward with their distinctive hissing sound from via Cristoforo Colombo, hurtling away at 220 kilometers an hour along the 2.8 kilometer track, around the obelisk dedicated to Guglielmo Marconi, through the Parco del Ninfeo, past the Colosseo Quadrato and the Cloud. The race was won by New Zealander Mitch Evans, driving for the Jaguar team.

Filmmaster Wins BEA Awards

The Best Events Award jury recognized the organization of the Capitoline stage of the electric championship, the Rome E-Prix, as the best sporting event of the year. Filmmaster was awarded best event company for concept and organization. The recognition of "Formula E" marks the success of the idea that drives the organization of all the races in the championship, that of conceiving a major sporting event not only as a moment of aggregation or entertainment, but as a business and creation of value for the communities involved.

Formula E
Formula E
Formula E
Formula E
Formula E
Formula E
E-PRIX 2018
Filmmaster acted as the Local Operator
for the Rome leg of the Formula E

Filmmaster collaborated closely with Formula E as the Local Operator for the first Italian leg of the E-Prix, which selected Rome's picturesque Eur district for the occasion.
The event engaged the entire city with sports and entertainment throughout the entire weekend.
Over 8 months of work were dedicated to organizing and promoting all aspects of the event, both within and outside the track.
This included managing relationships with local authorities, communicating with businesses and residents, and conducting races to select and identify suppliers. Additionally, Filmmaster oversaw the technical direction of the event and all associated structures and infrastructures.

Impressive Numbers
And Impact of the E-Prix

The event boasted impressive statistics: a security staff of 850 people, over 150 technical floor plans created, and 450 logistics mobilized. It welcomed 35,000 attendees, with tickets selling out within hours.
A tailored communication plan was crafted for the Roman leg, emphasizing social media interaction. The hashtag #formulaeday trended for two days, garnering an average of 350,000 video views and 6.4 million impressions across Facebook and Twitter.
The event drew a television audience of 1.2 million viewers on Mediaset, with live broadcasts reaching 25 million viewers in 50 countries. The E-Prix achieved remarkable success, leaving tangible benefits for the city while raising awareness about environmental issues and repositioning Rome as a hub for major international events.

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