EXPO 2030


A stunning open-air immersive experience


Rome and Paris


BEA World
Best Iconic Award
Best Unexpercted Use of a Space Event (Silver)
Best Cultural Event (Silver)
BEA Italia
Best Cultural Event
Best Management of Organizational Complexity
Grand Prix (Silver)

Not just a show

It is a format: a collection of values expressed through art, a format that can be expanded into infinite interpretations, adapting to different scenarios and territories. A journey to #Expo2030Rome with the events #Humanlands.

EXPO 2030
"Eternal Evolution"
April 21st, Colosseum Rome

Rome, the Eternal City, is ready to amaze the entire world with an unprecedented event. History merges with the present as the Colosseum, a silent witness of the centuries, has transformed into a stage of wonder and enchantment.
For the first time in history, a drone show has soared over Rome, painting the night sky with a spectacular choreography. In the ancient heart of the city, lights, music, and technology blend together in a sensory experience that takes the audience on a journey full of emotions.

A journey from the past to the present

From the ancient ruins of the Imperial Forums to the modern architecture of Tor Vergata, the show embraces the entire city in a dazzling crescendo of emotions. The voices of the choristers, the aerial acrobatics, and the music come together in a harmony that transcends the boundaries of time and space.
Inclusion, Culture, Innovation, Freedom, and Diversity - They were interpreted in the extraordinary performances of the Etoile Eleonora Abbagnato with her daughter, the composer Dardust, the singer Malika Ayane, and the choir of 100 students from Rome's schools directed by Maestro Stefano Barzan.

EXPO 2030
EXPO 2030
EXPO 2030
"Together for humanity"
June 20th, Italian Embassy in Paris

In the magical setting of the Embassy gardens, an extraordinary show took place, enchanting the audience with a vibrant mix of music, dance, and spectacular water displays. Dancing fountains created a magical atmosphere, while enveloping sounds and engaging choreographies paid tribute to the rich Italian tradition. The core values of the candidacy were highlighted, drawing direct inspiration from Michelangelo Pistoletto's renowned sculpture "The Third Paradise," majestically standing in the garden, perfectly framing the essence of the event. An unforgettable experience that captured the soul and beauty of Italy in a breathtaking spectacle.

From Playful Majesty to Narrative Power

Thanks to its iconic nature, water transitions from being a playful and majestic element in our intentions to a powerful narrative tool. The mirror, with its ability to reflect and multiply water installations, takes on an even more significant role, expanding its functions to highlight the connection and dialogue between the elements. This not only enriches the storytelling but also adds charm and elegance, allowing to captivate the audience's attention even more.

EXPO 2030
EXPO 2030
EXPO 2030
"People and Territories"
October 11th, Palais Brongniart Paris

The event was an unprecedented experience, characterized by creativity, innovation, and enlightening debates. With the special participation of the ├ętoile Roberto Bolle and Nicoletta Manni, in three exceptional choreographic moments, culminating in a passionate tribute to Caravaggio. International speakers offered unique perspectives on crucial topics such as environment, inclusion, and resilience, enriching the dialogue with their experiences and knowledge. The event represented a successful fusion of art, culture, innovation, and technology.

EXPO 2030
EXPO 2030
A special thanks to

Creative Director @Alfredo Accatino
Artistic and Show Director @Marco Boarino
Show Director @ Romain Sabella
Video Mapping and Video Production Clonwerk
Drone Show Tech Partner @Artech

EXPO 2030
EXPO 2030
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