Education Above All
Picture Day


Create a film on the occasion of the World Day for the Protection of Education from Attacks


"Picture Day": This unique subjective emotionally engage the audience to understand how the school can represent an opportunity for growth, salvation, and development.


Education Above All Foundation

The film
In Brief

The 'Picture Day' is a deliberate choice, an evocative image in which everyone, including the world's most important leaders, can recognize themselves. We immerse ourselves in reality through the eyes of children who observe their surroundings, taking us into their world, helping us understand an essential need for their future: going to school. In the end, the class photo is no different from that of anyone else in the world, urging us to reflect with a single frame on what we can all do to make a difference.

Education Above All

Education Above All is a global organization with various programs that promote and provide concrete support for school education, especially in regions affected by wars, disasters, and poverty.

Education Above All

United Nation Presentation
New York - Sept 13th

The Filmmaster film for Education Above All will be a central part of the September 13th event at the United Nations and is dedicated to the theme of schooling in troubled countries. It is part of a global campaign that represents a unique opportunity to mobilize global actors to commit to the education protection agenda and keep the promise of ensuring safe, quality, and equitable education for all, even in the most exposed places.

Education Above All

Credits Creative Director: Alessandro De Angelis
Director: Nic Bello
Executive Producer: Fabrizio Razza
Producer: Pierre Salloum and Elena Marabelli
Head of Production: Stefano Riva
Director of Photography: Carlo Rinaldi
Content Strategist: Benedetta Tiana
Art Director: Chadi Boro
Wardrobe Stylist: Geoges Skayem
Editor: Alice Baragetti
Photographer KV: Nour Tarabay
Post Production: Gosh Post
Lebanon Production Company: Thirdeyefx
Thirdeyefx Executive Producer – E.P. Dory Aoun
Thirdeyefx - Producer Elsy Haddad

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