Discovery Italia


7 launch events for Discovery Italia.


In different locations in two Italian cities, Rome and Milan.


Artistic and celebrity management
Scouting and management of iconic venues
Every year different format.

The Format
Transforming Business into Entertainment

Filmmaster partnered with Discovery for 7 upfronts. Since 2013 for every season Filmmaster created a special concept, on which the entire event was developed. Through the involvement of talents and special guests, thanks to iconic and exclusive venues, it transformed a "finance and corporate" presentation into a real "show in the show", making it an unmissable appointment for top clients and investors.

Discovery Italia

The first event took place in Milan where the venue opened its doors with an immersive tunnel, where guests, in addition to the inevitable red carpet and photo call, had the opportunity to take an "unlimited edition" shot: an original photobooth that promoted strong social activity for the event both on Facebook and Instagram.
Among the talents who took the stage during the evening, there were prominent figures such as Maurizio Crozza, Roberto Saviano, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Max Giusti, Katia Follesa, and many others. The upfront ended with a musical performance by rapper Ghali.
The evening continued with a dinner prepared by the two-Michelin-starred Italian-Argentinian chef Mauro Colagreco and a subsequent after-party with a DJ Set.
Following the Milan event, a second upfront was held in Rome, presented by Max Giusti, with a placè dinner prepared by the Michelin-starred chef Giuliano Baldessari.

“The Place to D"

Introducing the new features was Gabriele Corsi, a face of Discovery, who led the audience of over 600 guests on an exciting journey through the broadcaster's channels.
The evening alternated between institutional speeches and moments of incredible entertainment, such as the musical performance by Sergio Sylvestre.
An exclusive placè dinner signed by the famous Michelin-starred chef Moreno Cedron was served, framed by a 30-meter-long wall of LED screens of various sizes and several stages that allowed greater interaction with the audience.

Discovery Italia
Discovery Italia
"Think D"

The event, held at the East End Studios in Milan, saw the participation of 350 guests, and the show was based on the "Think D": the Discovery mindset, a way of conceiving entertainment, of seeing beyond the screen, and of generating content that becomes social phenomena.
The day began in the morning with the press conference, and then continued in the evening with the eagerly anticipated upfront, ending with an exciting DJ set until the wee hours of the morning.
The innovative use of a "flat set" and 6 large projection volumes was the highlight of the show, through which the entire narrative of the evening was conveyed, in an exciting journey through the channels of the broadcaster.
Closing the event was the highly anticipated contribution of Neil Harbisson: the cyborg who sees in black and white and who, thanks to a device implanted in his brain, is able to translate colors into sounds and emotions.

"Special Guest"

An event in Rome and two in Milan were held inside two exclusive apartments. The setup recreated that of a real home.
In a very familiar atmosphere, the executives' speeches transformed into a 'speak easy', losing their institutional tone.
Each evening featured a different surprise for the guests, including the new entry from Discovery, Costantino della Gherardesca, the chocolate master Ernst Knam, and for the final night, Dynamo, the famous British illusionist.
Filmmaster created an event where emotions took center stage in an environment that felt like home.

Discovery Italia
Discovery Italia
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