Red Diaries

Filmmaster Events staged the premiere of Campari Red Diaries 2018 for the second year in a row, with a two-day event to discover Milan’s “Red Side”


Milan, International press conference at Odeon Cinema


2 days event
Media and VIP guests were invited to a private projection of "The legend of Red Hand", Press Conference and Party

“The Legend of Red Hand”

A short movie signed by Stefano Sollima starring Zoe Saldana and Adriano Giannini, Filmmaster Events created and produced a tour of ten hidden secrets of Milan’s most famous symbols in a captivating narrative of the stories and true essence of the city’s “red side”.

VIP Party

A stunning exclusive VIP party at the Mall. with more than 600 guests. including international delegations and the management of the most important Italian and international companies. The evening’s entertainment lured all into a full immersion in the world of Campari. The venue decorations evoked multiple references to “The Legend of Red Hand”, echoed also in every detail of the costumes.

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